Top Surf Lesson Spots In LA

Aloha Brothers

528 Rialto Ave #1, Venice – 26 mins

Aloha Brothers was started by Nick who was born and raised in Hawaii. He has helped friends and family find their way onto the waves and is passionate about sharing that experience with beginners and advanced surfers. Surfboards and wetsuits are provided so all you have to bring is a swimsuit, towel and sunscreen. The lessons are 90 minutes long and boards and wetsuits are provided. Rates and packages are available here.

Learn To Surf LA

1750 Appian Way, Santa Monica – 24 mins

Hop up on your first wave at Santa Monica Bay, Manhattan, Malibu or Zumba beach locations. Open to ages 13+, sign up for the winter season lessons (Labor Day-June 30th) at 10am on Saturdays or sign up for the summer season lessons (July 1-Labor Day) at 2:15pm daily and 8am Saturday and Sunday. Lessons are 105 minutes long and depending on quantity of lessons purchased, prices range from $80-$85.

Fun Surf LA

10 Washington Blvd, Venice – 26 mins

Located in Southern California, Fun Surf School provides lessons and rentals for beginners and advanced surfers. The first 25 mins are spent learning/ training on the beach, 35 mins with instructor in the ocean and the rest of the time (varies depending on the lesson option chosen) is used to practice yourself and have fun in the waves. Prices range between $45-$149 for groups and private lessons. You can book your lesson here.

Home Kapowui Surf Lessons Santa Monica

300 Ocean Front Walk, Venice – 25 mins

Awarded best surf school on Venice beach for the last 5 years, Kapowui is dedicated to giving you the best surfing experience. They offer lessons between 1-2 hours and prices range $55-$135 depending on the lesson option chosen. The first 30 minutes are spent on the beach and the rest of the time is spent in the water with the instructor. Surf boards and wetsuits are provided so grab some sunblock and make your way down to the beach.


Los Angles, Orange County or San Diego depending on the day of the availability and the weather

Learn2RipSurf not only covers surfing techniques but also ocean safety. They run their lessons in a unique way that many people enjoy. The duration of the lesson is however long you’re available for and the cost is whatever you can afford (within reason). People should not be held back from the joys of surfing because of money. They are passionate and knowledgable about the ocean and surfing and eager to share with you.

One Wave Surf

El Porto Beach Parking Lot Manhattan Beach – 30 mins

Highest rated surf school in Manhattan Beach and the South Bay Area, One Wave not only teaches you how to surf but also the surfing fundamentals. Surf boards and wetsuits are provided for you and included in the cost. Begin your surf lesson with a yoga-warmup on the beach while you go over different techniques then practice and show off what you learned in the water. The lessons are 90 minutes long and the cost is $100+ depending on the size of the group.  If you’re ready to hit the waves, sign up here.