The Last Bookstore

Website | 453 S Spring St – Ground Floor Los Angeles, CA 90013 | 213-488-0599

The Last Bookstore is California’s biggest (used and new) book and record store. This Bookstore first began in a downtown Los Angeles loft in 2005. That’s when John Spencer (owner) took his ten-year experience of selling everything from clothes to cars online and focused instead on his real passion: books. During downtown LA’s revitalization, The Last Bookstore grew quickly to its current 22,000 sq. ft. space in Spring Arts Tower.

This place’s name was chosen with irony but seems more real each day as a physical book and record store die out from the massive impact of e-books and big platforms. The Last Bookstore continues to buy, sell, and trade as they have since day 1. In addition to the 250,000+ used and new books on the two-story building, including new Arts and Rare Book Annex, The Last Bookstore shared space includes over 10,000 graphic novels and vinyl records, a massive mezzanine level that includes the Labyrinth Above the Bookstore, Gather Yarn Shop, Dave Lovejoy Art, Spring Arts Collective gallery shops, and Fold Gallery, indeed something for every visitor.

Somehow The Last Bookstore became one of the most significant independent book and record stores in California and worldwide still standing. Vox, the American News Website, reported that The Last Bookstore creates visual merchandising through creative and unique displays and book sculptures which attract social media users in the hope of trying to convert users into book purchasers. In 2021, The Last Bookstore installed a plant wall to the well-known book tunnel. This Bookstore appeared in David Fincher’s 2014 movie Gone Girl and David Robert Mitchell’s 218 movies Under the Silver Lake.