Swingit Trapeze

SwingIt Trapeze is a trapeze school that teaches circus and acrobatic classes taught by professionals who love introducing new people to the art of swinging from trapeze bars. With these lessons, students progress as time passes and learn how to do unique tricks. In SwingIt Trapeze’s sessions, you learn how to ‘fly’ without fear, knowing that experienced operators got your back. SwingIt Trapeze eliminates risks to help visitors have a safe and fun time. 

Owner and founder Nick Selvy started in the circus and entertainment business at only 11 years old as a singer, dancer, and actor in a Denver, Colorado professional, theater. Nick also worked in films and some TV commercials and was introduced to the flying trapeze circus at Club Med. When he turned 12, he began manufacturing and selling “Nix Stix” as his own brand and business of devil sticks. He also taught himself how to juggle fire and ride a 6-foot unicycle.

He continued studying circus arts and theater at a performing arts high school while teaching snowboarding and capoeira. Nick’s ambitions led him to become a surf instructor upon moving to the West Coast. Furthermore, Selvy became a coordinator and performer of stunts and magic.

Using the circus skills Nick developed from a very young age, he then followed his dream and became Club Med’s trapeze instructor. This allowed him to teach at the trapeze and circus schools in Mexico and the Caribbean. Nick also taught at the Hollywood Aerial Arts in California and Trapeze School New York (TSNY). With over 20 years of experience, Nick Selvey developed incredible skills in building, designing, and installing aerial rings for private film installations in locations like Hollywood, New York City, and Canada.

SwingIt Trapeze school used to operate at the OC Fair & Event Center, but Nick Selvy and instructor Valerie Mounter were lored to downtown Anaheim by LAB Holding. This school offers two-hour lessons to anyone wanting to try flying and jumping through the air like a circus act. Owner Nick Selvy says, “I wanted to take what I’ve learned from trapeze since I was 14, mix it with my style, and offer knowledge to other trapeze lovers; I really enjoy seeing someone go through the steps for the very first time and catching on.”