Makeup and Costumes in Los Angeles

People who like wearing makeup and costumes can be found anywhere in the world. Makeup and costumes are part of our traditional and everyday culture. Discover how it influenced the people in Los Angeles!

Dressing Up as a Hobby

Dressing up is a popular hobby everywhere you go. People who are keen on movies and animations are most likely to dress up as their favorite characters. Arts and fashion enthusiasts are strongly influenced by our diverse traditional and modern culture. This hobby has brought a lot of people together at different events in Los Angeles such as the Los Angeles Comic Con, Los Angeles Anime Convention and Los Angeles Fashion events.

Costume Play

Modern culture has got people dressing up mainly for the purpose of roleplaying. Costume parties were popular in the 19th centuries and developed into a modern version as we experience it today. It transformed itself into creating a more fun type of hobby where people base their costume on a fictional character and gather with friends having the same interests.


Using makeup is totally difficult for men. But Kevin Yagher, an expert in makeup does not agree with that idea. This makeup master has a studio in Los Angeles. He does a lot of makeup for popular actors and actresses in Hollywood. He is famous for making props and scary makeup effects used in horror movies.

If you are into this hobby, Kevin Yagher may not be the only person you know who is very skillful when it comes to doing makeup and making costumes. Discover more events in Los Angeles and meet the local enthusiasts!