LA Museums and Galleries to Visit

There are museums and art galleries you can visit in Los Angeles where you will find different forms of ancient works of art and modern artworks. Have an educational and inspiring tour of these museums and galleries in Los Angeles!

Museum of Contemporary Art or MOCA

Museum of Contemporary Art is one of the popular museums in the city that has been visited by many locals and tourists. It has 2 branches in the city that are called MOCA Grand and MOCA Geffen. MOCA Grand is located on South Grand Avenue while MOCA Geffen can be found on North Central Avenue in LA. You will witness amazing exhibits during your visit to the 2 branches of the Museum of Contemporary Art.

La Luz De Jesus Gallery

When you explore Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, you will find this wonderful art gallery called La Luz De Jesus Gallery. La Luz De Jesus Gallery was established in 1986 by Billy Shire who is an entrepreneur and also an art collector. You will be fascinated by the works of art that are being featured in the art gallery such as Dos Diablos, Riffblast and Karikatura. Visit La Luz De Jesus Gallery and look forward to their upcoming exhibits!

J. Paul Getty Museum

Visit this art museum in Malibu, California that has been exhibiting spectacular works of art for over 60 years. You can view the J. Paul Getty Museum’s exhibits of artworks and antique collections derived from ancient Greece and Italy at the museum. You will be mesmerized by the beautiful paintings and sculptures displayed in the J. Paul Getty Museum. You can also have a virtual tour of the museum on their website.