Food Tours and Beaches

Do you love going to the beach? There are many ideal destinations in California that will let you experience scenic views and perfect beaches for a summer or even just for a weekend getaway. Explore these beaches in California while having fun and exciting food tours. Taste some fantastic local dishes and enjoy a day or two at the beach!

Manhattan Beach Food Tour

Located 19 miles southwest of downtown Los Angeles lies the magnificent beach of Manhattan with numerous food places to explore. One of the best experiences to try is the Manhattan Beach Food Tour where you can try different varieties of good foods that are popular among the locals of Manhattan. If you want to experience mouth-watering and remarkably good food, don’t forget to book and experience Manhattan!

Hermosa Beach Mixology Tour

Looking for a place to drink and enjoy with friends while also learning new things? Hermosa Beach Mixology is the tour for you. Offering various cocktails to enjoy while looking at street arts and Hollywood Film locations, there is nothing more you could ask for. Book now and experience Hermosa Beach right on your doorstep. 


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Melting Pot Food Tours

One way to enjoy Los Angeles like no other is through our stomachs. That is why Melting Pot Food Tours was created. Choosing between the Melting Pot Food Tours’ flagship Original Farmers Market Food & History Tour, Old Pasadena Food Tasting Tour or East LA Latin Flavors Food & Culture Private Tour that is personally customized to indulge the taste buds of the tourists and locals availing the tour. Each tour is a full meal featuring authentically prepared ethnic cuisines, standard American favorites and local specialties made specially by local and prominent chefs in town. Book an advance reservation and take delight in Los Angeles’ native delicacies. 


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