Feeling Korean in LA

Do you like listening to Korean music and watching Korean dramas? You can visit Koreatown in Los Angeles where you will enjoy shopping and eating delicious Korean dishes. Koreatown has much to offer if you are looking for a venue to express your passion for Kpop and Korean culture. Visit Koreatown while you are in Los Angeles!

Koreatown in Los Angeles

If you love Kpop and Korean culture, you will love your visit to Koreatown! It is a neighborhood located in Central Los Angeles where there are many shopping and dining options. It is near Eighth Street that is on the west of MacArthur Park. Koreatown is also a great venue to hang out with friends in Koreatown’s bars and shops that are open 24/7. It is also known for its beautiful attractions that are visited by many locals and tourists.


Explore Koreatown and you will find many shopping options. Compared to the shopping malls in America, Koreatown has bigger malls with a list of shops that sell products such as skincare products, cosmetics and Kpop merchandise. There are also markets and shops that sell home goods in Koreatown. When you explore Koreatown Plaza, you will find over 70 shops including Fancy House, Rodeo Handbag and Cosmetics Plaza.

Tour and Dine

Have a great dining experience when you tour Koreatown! Dine-in at the restaurants that you will find in Koreatown including Ktown, Sul and Beans, Hansol Noodle and Paris Baguette Bakery Café. If you want to spend the night hanging out with your friends, you can visit a back alley in Koreatown, the Dwit Gol Mok. Visit the beautiful garden called Koreatown Pavilion Garden that was built by craftsmen from South Korea that opened in 2006.


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