Cirque Du Soleil Volta

Cirque Du Soleil is a Las Vegas favorite. Since their first show they have performed a variety of themed shows. These include: Ovo, Axel, Michael Jackson One, KA, Mystere, O, R.U.N, The Beatles Love, Zumanity, Volta, Crystal, NYSA, Totem, Joya, The Land of Fantasy, Paramour, Kurios, Luzia, Kooza, Amaluna, Bazzar, Alegria, Messi 10, Corteo, Trois-Rivieres and Drawn to Life.

Date: January 18th-March 8th 2020

Where: Dodger Stadium 1000 Vin Scully Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Time away from hotel: 13 mins

Follow Waz as he journeys to find fame, thinking it will bring love and acceptance from others. He finds out about himself along the way and what he has to offer the world. This is a story of transformation and the culture of street sports.


Acro Lamp, Hand to Hand, Shape Diving, BMX, Flatland & Ballet Duo, Rope Skipping, Acrobatic Ladder and more!

  • Waz
  • Ela
  • The Greys
  • The Freespirits
  • Wow & The Mr.Wow Show

Price ranges from $40-$65 depending on the time and day of the show selected

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